After searching the pictures for this category we were slightly in a shock..we realized how many of these seats we already made for our clients. During the years, we sold them, with logo, aged leather and in different colors. We did even restorations for old Indian motorcycle enthousiast en Harley Davidson liberators. We don’t stock these kind of seats for a few reasons. It is not easy to find the baseplates for these seats new. We only have a few in stock most of the time, and our clients really now what they want, they choose for there own color leather and stitches, or they want a imprint on the seat or a image or text. But we will be happy to make one for you the way you like to see them. Price for a new seat basic style, leather en color of stitching client’s choice is 295 euro, do we have to restore your own pan with new foam and leather, the price is 195 euro. Therefore, no price on this items, just send us a mail and we can start designing your seat!

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