It fit’s like a glove. Or not? If you are searching for a pair of super chique gloves these are not the gloves you are searching for. However….if you like a rough glove that doesn’t fit perfect but with a very cool look, these are the ones you want for sure. We dye this gloves by hand so little imperfections can be seen on the leather. It is possible to choose for a engraving with your own logo or tekst. We have a in-house art design service so we can help you if you have not a suitable image. Please keep this in mind, we do not engrave any Harley Davidson logo’s or any other ™ logo’s. The sizing…our gloves are supposed to have a loose fitting. Before ordering take a look at the sizing chart. The size we have are on the chart so please measure before ordering! All the sizes we have are on the website. If your size is not on it, we are sorry but most likely there are not available in your size.If you have any questions about the vintage riding gloves, how to measure or anything else please contact us! We will be happy to give you advice before ordering.

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