FaQs. General Information

Do you provide worldwide shipping?

Yes we do! If you are not sure, please let us now what you would like to order from our shop, then we can give you a quote.

Price or where do you buy your materials, tools, ect?

I really wanted to put this one by the FAQ’S. On Social Media I get a lot of questions on Social Media that are formulated as ”PRICE” or ”HOW MUCH”. Bad Ass Seats is always transparant about prices, and if you take a look in our webshop you will see that all items are priced, so you will have a good indication about the price of a item. Most of our items are custom made for our client’s so that is the main reason why I don’t reply on ”PRICE”. About the materials and tools what we use for our work. NO, why would we tell? Our customers are not interested in that. If you go to the grocery store, they  don’t tell you were they buy there appels or oranges because it is there living. Bad Ass Seats is our living, not our hobby.

Do you have a physical store ?

Yes we do. Our shop is in Strijen – Holland. It is a small place near Rotterdam/Dordrecht. You are welcome to visit us. We are open 6 day’s a week. (Sunday closed)

I have a own design can you make it on a seat?

In most cases we do. In some cases we have to design a custom logo or image. Sometimes that takes a lot of time, so we ask a small fee for this service. To give a indication, if you want a image that we laser on your seat and you have a good vector file that we can use ( please remind that we do not difficult about some small adjustments!) for 50 euro you can take a engraving as large as your seat.

I haven't received my item. What can I do?

Mail us! We check the shipping company to find out more about your parcel. However if the parcel goes outside Europe it can be that it is still in customs, but no worries…in 5 years shipping it happend one time a parcel was missing.

The color of the leather is different then on the picture ?

Yes..I know. And it is great! Leather is a beautiful natural product. Each cow is different, and have different marks on there skin. The leather we used is the best quality European leather. All hides we buy are handpicked by the both of us. We only take home the best quality we can find. With no exeption all hides have small marks, that is natural because a cow will be bite by small insects and sometimes you will see that on the hide. We try to avoid buying hides with a lot of bites but sometimes you will see one. The same as stretching marks. When a cow eats she will stretch her head down to the ground, and she does that a couple of times a day 🙂 so stretchmarks will be on the hide. And, that is a good thing because it gives real leather that beautiful vintage look that we all love. It is possible you don’t like that, that is no problem, but you don’t want to buy then a real leather seat or bag, but leather from the fabric with a coat of plastic on it, that is perfect leather but not the leather we work with.

How can I pay on your website ?

We have the options to pay with PayPal, Ideal, Bancontact, Sofortbanking and Creditcart true PayPal. If you like to order and pay with BAC, please contact us, we provide you with our bankaccountnumber.

Dealer pricing?

Yes, that is possible but not for webshops at the moment. Motorcycle Dealer, Motorcycle Repair, Motorcycle Aftermarket Parts & Sales, or Motorcycle Manufacturers, to provide you dealer pricing we ask you to provide us your name, the name of your store and location. We don’t work with drop shipping or similar methods.

Minimum first order is 1500 euro, just for the gloves 1000 euro.


No returns will be accepted after 30 days from date of shipment.  There is a restocking fee of 35% on all returned products. A copy of your receipt of our webshop must accompany all returns. All sizes are on our website so it is easy to choose a color and model seat or bag, if you not sure please contact us so we can help you to determine your choice. We don’t accept returns for a custom made item.

Do you have a conversion kit for a .... model motorcycle?

All the conversion kits we have are on our website. However as a service, and only when you buy a seat from us we can help you finding the conversion kit for your bike.

Where can I find the Therms&Conditions?

The Therms&Conditions you will find here:

Were can I find more about your privacy conditions ?

You can check them out here:

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