About Bad Ass Seats…

There is a lot to tell and I am sure this about section doesn’t cover it all, so feel free to ask us anything you like to know.

We started the company in 2014. It started out with a wonderful hobby,  leather craft, but as soon we started with motorcycle seats business went so fast we could not believe it.

Our main core business? Solo Seats for Bobbers,but we make bags, belts and everything else from leather.

Leather is a beautiful material to work with and we like all the creative stuff we can do with it. We don’t use any sewing machines all is done by hand. We like to use the modern techniques to, such as the laser machine. Besides that we can make amazing things with the laser; it is very nice for the budget of our clients to, because they can choose for a image that for example covers there entire seat for only 50 euro.

Laser has also another big +, it can makes the most detailed image on leather no way you can do it with tooling and have the same sharp and ever lasting result.

We, Ronald&Anita do all the work together, that is how we started the company and that is how it will stay. If you want to do something perfect, do it yourself is our motto.

All our products, website and all thing else you see from us, is made by the both of us. If you order a seat or anything else from us, you are guaranteed to have a beautiful product that will last you a lifetime.

And…just the last thing to seduce you and buy a seat from us đŸ™‚ you will get a free Bad Ass t-shirt by each order from 100 euro’s. In your own size! How cool is that?